Interfaces, Mutimatériaux, Sources et Optique X

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Nous sommes co-auteurs de deux artciles publiés récemment.

We are co-authors of two recently published paper.

Electron probe microanalysis of light elements - Improvements in the measurement and signal extraction methods

P. Schweizer, E. Brackx, P. Jonnard

X-ray Spectrom. 51, 403-412 (2022) (


Study of interface reaction in B4C/Cr mirror like sample: A study using soft x-ray reflectivity technique

M.H. Modi, S. Gupta, P.K. Yadav, R.K. Gupta, A. Bose, C. Mukherjee, P. Jonnard, M. Idir

J. Sync. Rad. 29, 978-984 (2022) (


Nous invitons pour un séminaire / we invite for a seminar



"Detection and quantification of lithium for battery applications by using combinations of surface analysis techniques"

The efficiency of Li-ion batteries (LIB) depends on multiple factors. Among them, the mobility of lithium in the solid electrolyte interphase (the so-called SEI), which forms at the surface of negative electrodes, as well as lithium mobility in the active material itself, is being thoroughly studied, though the complex underlying mechanisms are still misunderstood. In such context, the detection of lithium, the characterization of its chemical environment, its quantification, can be challenging. In this talk, studies based on surface analysis techniques, which allowed characterizing lithium in various systems related to LIB applications, will be reported. In addition, novel approaches based on lithium isotopic tracing, that are being developed at the lab, in order to study Li mobility in the SEI or in solid electrolytes (which may be used in future solid-state systems), will also be described.

Vendredi 9 septembre 2022 à 9h45

Salle 101 de l’UFR de Chimie, couloir 32-42

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Nous accueillons pour une semaine le professeur Raynald GAUVIN de l'université McGill à Montréal au Canada. A cette occasion nous avons visité le LMAT au centre CEA de Marcoule.

We welcome for a week Professor Raynald GAUVIN from McGill University in Montreal, Canada. On this occasion we visited the LMAT at the CEA centre in Marcoule.


Nous proposons six communications à la conférence / We propose six communications to

EXRS 2022, European Conf. on X-ray Spectrometry, Bruges, Belgique, 26 juin – 1 juil. 2022


(1) PIXE-Kossel with an energy dispersive CCD

P. Jonnard, K. Le Guen

(2) Optimisation of light element measurement with high resolution wavelength dispersive spectrometry

P. Schweizer, E. Brackx, P. Jonnard

(3) DFT simulation of the x-ray emission and absorption spectra for different lithium compounds

K. Hassebi, N. Rividi, A. Verlaguet, P. Jonnard

(4) Combined x-ray reflectivity and grazing incidence x-ray fluorescence analysis of a Ta/Cr/Pt trilayer stack

P. Jonnard, Y. Ménesguen

(5) Interface analysis of Mg/Sc and Sc/Mg bilayer using X-ray Reflectivity

H. Verma, K. Le Guen, M. H. Modi, S. Gupta, R. Dhawan, P. Jonnard

 (6) XRR-GIXRF combined characterization of Mg/Sc multilayer

H. Verma, K. Le Guen, Y. Ménesguen, R. Delaunay, M.-C. Lépy, P. Jonnard

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Nous proposons une communication à la conférence / We propose a communication to

Advances in Surfaces, Interfaces and Interphases 2022, 15 – 18 mai 2022, on line


Probing interfaces of periodic nanometer multilayers using X-ray Reflectivity

 H. Verma, K. Le Guen, M. H. Modi, S. Gupta, R. Dhawan, P. Jonnard

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