Systèmes fortement corrélés - Matériaux magnétiques

 Group photo 1/2/2018

Understanding electron and spin correlation effects and their relationship with the macroscopic properties of complex materials has been the long-standing scientific goal of our research group. Our particular expertise is the application and development of advanced synchrotron radiation (SR) techniques to obtain unprecedented insight into these phenomena. A key role among these tools is played by resonant inelastic x-ray scattering (RIXS). This spectroscopy has evolved out of SR stimulated x-ray emission spectroscopy over the past two decades and takes full advantage of the increasing brightness of today’s 3rd and future 4th generation SR sources. We note that our group has made significant contributions to the development of this novel technique, in regard of the evolving understanding of its experimental capabilities and data interpretation as well as the realization of novel instrumentation. The advent of femtosecond pulsed X-ray sources has enabled us to apply advanced X-ray techniques to the investigation of ultrafast electron and spin/magnetization dynamics, which we pursue today at laboratory based high harmonic generation (HHG) sources and X-ray Free Electron Laser facilities.



May 2019

Successful first time resolved reflectivity experiment at the L edge at the FEL FLASH 2.

14-18 January 2019

Emmanuelle Jal has been invited at the joint MMM-Intermag conference in Washington

1st January 2019

Marcel Hennes joined the group as a Post-doc

December 2018

Succesful first time-resolved RIXS experiment at FLASH